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Abra Collabra to provide IT service to Carlsbad based, medical technology company, RoboDesign.

Puronyx, North County based maternity technology company chooses Abra Collabra to provide IT service.

Brian Hinkle joins Abra Collabra as a senior IT consultant.



Whether it is your internal network or your internet and intranet sites, we can setup, host, manage and monitor any site configuration.
Description of Services

CompTIA Network+ Certification: WAN, LAN, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, NAT, POP3, VOIP

CIW Professional (Certified Internet Webmaster) Internetworking & Server Admin. Certification

Intel Certified Network Integration Specialist

VPN configuration and monitoring

Software license compliance and hardware/software inventory management monitoring

Switched fiber

Server Load Balancing with Alteon Switches

EMC Storage Systems

Design of LAN/WAN architecture including router, hub, switch and NIC selection & installation.

Configuration of servers, T1s and user accounts for LAN, email and voice mail access (unified messaging).

Installation of CISCO, Netgear Intel 400 & 500 series switches extending gigabit technology to all servers and workstations

Installation of Intel 9000 series routers for Internet access.

Installation of  Symantec and SONICWALL firewall and router for shared, protected DSL & T1 Internet access.

Experienced with ARCServe, Backup Exec and Retrospect backup software used with tape auto-loader systems.

Certified integration specialist for PC-PBX/ACD phone systems: TeleVantage, IBM Computer Telephony & Netphone.

Who Uses Our IT Services:

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